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Exclusive Services

At HRNF we are committed to honesty and professionalism in distributing your donations to the most deserving individuals and community levels.

Depending on the sort of donation you make, we will use our road map and strategies, receiving your donation managing and sending out for distribution.

We keep a donor registry system that will be used by donors to register themselves and let us keep in touch with them for reporting our last step donations delivery progress. There will be a third-party observer team working with our home office and the community representatives informed by our regional offices to watch us distributing donations. We will also share permitted visual reports (photos, videos) to our websites and other social media platforms showing activities to encourage for more donations.

Our Team

Our experienced regional team leaders and support staff including volunteers will manage a survey process for collecting information from individuals and families in need, setting up and following distribution schedules, coordinating security clearance with the government authorities and reporting progresses accordingly.

Finance and Logistics

With due preciseness and diligence our plan for sending donations out to Afghanistan is to assign our regional teams to finding the best price and quality markets for a list of most necessary food and medication items, purchase them through a bidding process between competitors and pick the items up on the day of distribution, transport them to the scheduled locations and distribute to people securing the process by the governing members of the society as per their support agreements. We can either direct deposit funds to the merchants' bank accounts or transfer to our regional offices to process.

Safe Storage

We will use our office premises and safe rental storage facilities for storing any remaining items to be distributed under any extended schedules.


HRNF will provide flour, oil, sugar, rice and beans to the most needy.  We will reach out to provinces that has been hit the hardest with hunger and will move to other provinces as we expand with your prayers and support.



HRNF will provide medical equipment's and medicines for the sick and support local hospitals as they are short in supplies to assist our people in Afghanistan.


shelter and education

HRNF will provide shelter for children and adults who have no home and living in streets under tents.

HRNF believes in enriching our young generation through education and providing the necessity supplies and schools needed to learn and grow Afghanistan back to sustainability.


Economic development

HRNF will help improve our infrastructures and foster endless ways to incentivize and attract new global partners to create new businesses and jobs. 

HRNF will help build a self sustained economy with local and global partners to create a better future.

Let's Work Together
for a better 


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