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The Hamidullah Rahimi National Foundation (HRNF) is a new multi-national non-profit organization being created to directly and urgently support the people and children of Afghanistan through a trusted name, an Afghan hero.


Hamidullah Rahimi was appointed as the Deputy of the Military Association under the leadership of the National Salvation Front of Afghanistan. He served his country in this position for almost nine years until the defeat of the Soviet Union and their complete troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan. He became the Finance Minister of Afghanistan by a special decree issued by President Mujadidi on May 4, 1992. After a prolonged period of serving in military and going through the military ranks of Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General  and because of his efforts to convince the communist regime in Kabul to hand over power to the Mujahidin, he received the promotion to the rank of Four Star (Supreme) General  on May 18, 1992.


According to another historical decree on July 30, 1992 by President Rabani, General Rahimi was awarded the title of "Hero" and given the Golden Star of Afghanistan. In 1991, General Rahimi officially met with the President of the Islamic Government of Iran and a number of Iranian ministers. In 1992, he participated in numerous international  conferences and delivered messages that covered the political and economical aspects of Afghanistan. He has been a legend to the people of Afghanistan and held many important roles that are counted points for the Stand with Afghanistan campaign.

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